Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lady, you are out of your zones....

   Hi ya'll,

I'm hoping this flare up of schleprockism is going to be over soon.

Yes, it continues....

Yesterday, I left here with the idea that I would take the train to the end of the line just to see what was out there. The end would be about 4 or5 stops past where I sometimes grocery shop.  
So there I am on the train when the Officers come by and ask everyone for their tickets.  I pulled out my little pass and was rudely informed that "I was out of my zones" which, apparently I have been for nearly a month now.

Click to big-gen it . 
I have a pass for zones 1,2 and 3. I LIVE in zone 32. Yesterday I was in zone 55 .I clearly have the wrong PASS!

The officer wasted no time before writing me a ticket to the tune of 750 Danish Kronor,which is $132.00


 I have finished what little Christmas decorating I planned to do.I haven't even started shopping . Yikes!

Flying cat

some old cards :)

Last nights pear cake (yum!)

The only non cluttered room we have

Christmas pig
O'Reilly enjoying some rare sun

The tree with mostly cheap ornaments. I can not find an angel for the top anywhere.

I found these old twin elves at the thrift store the other day. I love them!   

Blogger won't let me move anything now, so farewell for today peeps. have a wonderful day! love me


  1. 132 bucks for a bus ride? Good grief. If your name was Jane I would call you Calamity Jane. Nosey had a toothache and went to the dentist - needed a root canal and they did it right then. She, also, was white knuckles all the way - but she was able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. I went over and petted your boat today - it misses you. G5

  2. Omg, I can not believe they didn't give you a damn break!.love your tree.......

  3. Zones?? Ridiculous. But then I'm an American who never rides the bus, so what do I know?