Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You must be trippin'

Long time no see, people.

   It's 4:30 A.M. here in the U.K. ,thanks jet lag! I just got back from my 3 week trip to the states. Chicago and Jacksonville.to be exact.

 How was my trip ,you ask?

Let's recap ,shall we.

My flight out to Chicago was uneventful. always a good thing. When I arrived in Chi town,Logan picked me up with Hayden and Mason ,both kids were sleeping .The weather was colder than I ever remember it being.

I had quit smoking on Jan 20th ,so this was less than a month later. My brand new, huge down coat that I got for Christmas, barely fit on my fat self.

I was still in my fat ,jet lagged haze when it was time for the new baby to be born. I felt really overwhelmed at the thought of being home alone with these two monkeys ,for 2 or 3 days.

I talked to my aunt Mary Lou one night while the monkeys were in the tub .Little did I know that my piece of crap disposable cell phone was eating up 15 dollars for a 10 minute phone call. I had big plans to sit on the phone and catch up with all my peeps. This was NOT to be. My sons no longer had house phones either. All of you who think I ignored the call we were supposed to have , sorry . I had no idea i would be phone- less.

I digress, oops.  The big day arrived and luckily my co- mother in law ,was off work for the day .So she was there to help with the grand babies at the hospital .We took the two kids down to the cafeteria to get breakfast but they were closed for a couple hours.So we had the brilliant plan of giving the kids some snacks from the vending machine. Many mini donuts later ,those kids were so hyped up I thought they were gonna fly right out of the hospital.

We were finally brought in to see the new addition. Isaac Scott Thomas .He is absolutely adorable :)

Miss Hayden had a few terrible moments at the hospital . While mom was pregnant she was convinced that SHE also had a baby in her tummy .When hers turned out to be a doll , she was pretty devastated. She was also sad that mom was sick (from the meds) and she did not want to leave her.

Rough day for my poor girl.

Did I mention that the temp outside was 8 below ZERO!This made it ultra fun ,letting the dogs in and out.

Well the kids and I managed (barely) to make it on our own for a few days .

We all slept in the living room because by the time the miracle of sleep came , there was no way this Kee Kee could carry any kids up the stairs .

Lots of people came to see Mom and Isaac at the hospital. Sweet really, especially since shortly after arriving home ,Hayden and Mason both came down with a lovely stomach virus, complete with diarrhea and vomiting.

Im sick

Then Kee Kee developed a sore throat. Next thing ya know poor mom and Isaac had to quarantine themselves away from the rest of us and stay upstairs.

Needless to say , we didn't really go any where except the grocery store during my entire stay .
The kids were still sick when I left for the next leg of my trip. Off to Jacksonville.

Shortly after arriving in Jax ,I became sick as a dog. I tried to keep my germs to myself and thought "oh I'll rest a couple days ,talk on the phone and chill." It was then that my son informed me he no longer had a home phone and then, I totally lost my voice. 


We did manage to do a few things in spite of me being ill. Thank you Dayquil.

I didn't get to hang out with Conrad as much as I had wanted . I hope no one has gotten sick.

We went to a really cool restaurant called Clarks fish camp. 

They had TONS of taxidermy animals.Awesome place!

I went to the beach ,with my daughter in laws step mom .Thanks Roxanne! Did I mention ,it was 85 degrees that day? !

And I went with my son Ian ,to see a play where he works. The play was "Butterflies are free"

Its a dinner theatre ,pretty cool .As you can see the play was starring Blair, from Facts of life. And her cute daughter. 

       Next thing ya know it was time to head back to the UK. My flight was over booked (meaning jam packed) .I got zero sleep .Hubby picked me up at 7:30 the next day .All I could think about was "get me to my bed, must sleep before I die." 

So, we are about 20 minutes from home and all of a sudden we hear this hideous noise. He pulls the car off into some farmers driveway. 

Oh , joy ,we have a flat tire. I lounge in my seat while he attempts to change the tire. After about half an hour ,I think he is done.I open the door and he says "there's no place to put this stupid jack. " 
WTH? I get out and pace around for a minute and notice that the front tire is ALSO flat. 

Now were really screwed. 2 flats. On a Sunday. Oh crap . So we wind up calling a taxi ,who takes me home. Hubby has to stay and wait for the tow truck. They tow the car to a garage and then we have to buy 2 new tires. This is why we can't have nice things. lol

So that was my fabulous trip. 

Hubby left today for work and now it will probably take me the rest of the week to feel normal again. 

                                          I miss everyone already :(

P.s. All the people I never got to call , you may now call me on the Arkansas phone ,it should ring here in the UK :) 

                                                          Love Kee Kee