Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Krikey it was a hot bitch


The kids were all here for about a week. It was the hottest summer I think we've had since living here.The lake temp was 98 degrees and the outside temps were steadily hovering around 110.

Miserable would be an understatement.


                                                                     I spent all my spare time shopping like a crazy woman for baby girl stuff.

This baby is gonna rock the baby fashion world  :)

Stay tuned for the "rest of the summer" .....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The start of a long catch up.....

        Hi strangers!

     Yes, I am still alive .I think this is the busiest summer I've ever had. I believe I last posted right after our "girl week"

   My hubby and all the kids were due to arrive shortly after that. What I couldn't disclose at the time was that I had spent months planning a surprise baby shower for my son and daughter in law. Since I had never HAD  nor attended a baby shower, this was no easy task. Very nerve wracking. 

Favor boxes

Guess the pins and decor

   Thanks to the help of my talented friend Eva and her daughters ,we managed to pull it off and everything looked wonderful!

Little gift wrappin' daughter

The spread

The soon to be parents

Yes, showing the maturity

My beautiful kids:)

The beginnings of a diaper cake

Ta da! I think we did an awesome job ,if I do say so myself.

To be continued.........