Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is THIS my Chariot? Seriously?

I was scheduled to go to Chicago on my grand baby's due date . Sept.7th. As the date grew closer I was more and more of an anxious,excited wreck. On the night of the 5th,around midnight,I couldn't take it any more . I changed my ticket to the next morning.

I arrive at O'Hare , expecting to be picked up in the little red Celica. Imagine my surprise when my son pulls up in his huge white work van. (it is a cargo van with only 2 front seats),

one of THESE was strapped in the back for me to ride in. I know, right?

Apparently, all the cars had just broken down except the van. They had time to pick me up and then we stopped at Beths moms for a couple of hours for a Bar-b q on the way to the hospital .(this was Labor day) Literally.

                     To be continued........ (I must get ready for the tile man)