Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is THIS my Chariot? Seriously?

I was scheduled to go to Chicago on my grand baby's due date . Sept.7th. As the date grew closer I was more and more of an anxious,excited wreck. On the night of the 5th,around midnight,I couldn't take it any more . I changed my ticket to the next morning.

I arrive at O'Hare , expecting to be picked up in the little red Celica. Imagine my surprise when my son pulls up in his huge white work van. (it is a cargo van with only 2 front seats),

one of THESE was strapped in the back for me to ride in. I know, right?

Apparently, all the cars had just broken down except the van. They had time to pick me up and then we stopped at Beths moms for a couple of hours for a Bar-b q on the way to the hospital .(this was Labor day) Literally.

                     To be continued........ (I must get ready for the tile man)


  1. poor guy. I'm surprised he didn't make an awkward retreat once he saw what he's stepped into (a hen party).

  2. Haha. Cruel woman. Stopping there. Too funny. But your boys have always been funny. Sigh. Wish I'd had boys. Anywhoo, love ya. Aud

  3. Wow!...Grandma..woo hoo!...I missed reading your blog...apparently I had a bad case of computer cooties...I got my vaccination all is well...Love ya Mentl