Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring it forward

   Hi ya'll, yes, I'm still alive and yes, I threw myself out of the a to z challange weeks ago. What was I thinking, trying to do that in the middle of moving accross the world .Umm....yeah so what's been happening around here?

Who knew that Easter was a 5 day weekend ,with every damn thing closed and my slob ....errr I mean spouse stuck at home. 
I nearly lost my mind.

My husband invited a Danish work friend, wife and their 2 kids over for dinner on Easter.We cooked lamb and a beer can chicken on the primo grill.I also made mashed potatos and gravy,green beans and sweet potato casserole.
The kids,aged 9 and 13 loathed every bit of our American food.It was kind of funny how horrifed they were. I offered to make them hot dogs or noodles but they said no.It reminded of when my kids tried liver.

We had a good time and they probably had to stop at Mcdonalds on the way home. BTW the mom is the only one who loved the sweet potato casserole.

Note to self: next time make some danish food as well.


I have scoured every inch of Copenhagen for a pair of comfortable (yet not hideous) shoes. No luck. What happened to arch support? all the shoes are just flat on the inside.
Why do I have these stupid "princess and the pea" feet? I can feel a lint ball the size of a pin head and it will seem like a boulder in my shoe. My socks have to be on the right foot or I can feel that too.

Yesterday I braved the shuffling wall of humanity to return to Stroget to get these :

You love 'em right?

 I wish they'd come in red :)


Four days and a wake-up and I'm heading home. It's going to be a longgggg trip. They have no direct flights from Copenhagen to Dallas. I usually fly to dallas and then drive home to Arkansas.This time I have to fly into Chicago.I'll stay a few days with my youngest and then he gets the joy of driving me and the cats ,12 hours home.
Hopefully the cats will be able to handle staying at their house for a few days as they have 2 dogs ,2 ferrets and a cat :)

Speaking of cats, O'Reilly gets to fly in the cabin with me in a little tiny bag.He hasn't done that since the Sweden trip of 2004,during which he screamed his head off the entire way and once busted his way right out of the zippered bag.Poor Cavuto is too huge to fit in a tiny zippered bag so he has to fly in cargo.He may scream the entire way as well, but no one will hear it.

 Wish us luck !


I have been busy ,busy getting ready to leave so I won't bore you with the details of drudgery.Without further ado....spring has finally sprung here in Denmark! Yippee!
Check it out. (click the pics to see them full sized)

Getting that boat ready to sail

The Danish Royal Lifeguards

sunset from our balcony   

Green at last!

park in Frederiksberg

Flea market baby!

so crowded you could barely get to the goods
spring chickens

awaiting the crowd

                                       Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Start spreadin' the news......

 I'll be back shortly folks (to update) I swear!

In the mean time please spread the word....Skeletor and family need a doggy loving landlord in Jacksonville ,Florida.

Click here:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I is for Impetigo

I is for Impetigo /ɪmpɨˈtaɪɡoʊ/

 is a highly contagious bacterial skin infection most common among pre-school children.[1]rugby, American football and wrestling are also susceptible, regardless of age. Impetigo is not as common in adults. The name derives from the Latin People who play close contact sports such as impetere ("assail"). It is also known as school sores

Picture it, back in the 80’s ……My sons were 3, 5 and 7. We were living in Arkansas; out in the woods .My dad had just bought the 4 of us bus tickets to come visit him in Boston.

Naturally this is when my kids come down with a nice disgusting case of impetigo. My middle son had so many gross sores on his legs; the doctor asked if he could take a photo of them for a text book. (Oh sure, could it be any more humiliating?)

My dad and his wife were the only “normal” people in our entire world. No way was I going to show up with my 3 scab infested children and announce “Hey, we brought you a nice infectious skin condition, cuz we white trash like that.”

The bus trip is a story in itself, saved for another day.

We spent nearly a week in Boston, with kids covered in Band-Aids, the worst of their scabbiness hidden by clothing. Until that fateful night my dad insists that I sit and visit, he’ll help the kids with their bath. There’s no way to hide the fact that something isn’t right ,when a kid has 50 or 60 band aids on his legs. I had to fess up.

It could have been worse, like when they had chicken pox and lice at the same time.
Count your blessings people :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

F thru for

           F is for fluffy :


G is for get it while it's hot!

That's right guys, this little cutie is going to be up for sale after the first week of May. 2006 Miata convertable with less than 30,000 miles .Sweet !

H is for HOME !

The babies and I are going home for the summer in about 3 weeks. Yee haw!!!

 p.s. blogger is screwed up again .what's that huge white space?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

E is for elevator

E is for elevator :

Yesterday ,after walking my ass off all day ,I got home and realized that the elevator was stuck on the 1st floor. I had to take my suitcase full of dry cleaning and various goods and walk up 11 effin flights of stairs.

After 3 flights I stopped and ripped the hot scarf off my neck. After 2 more flights I stopped and took my coat off. I stood there and gazed upward, thinking "Good lord ,how many more flights are there? "

I felt I would never make it to the top. I found myself counting steps ,every time I got to 8 I would start over. (I have no idea what that's about)

By the time I finally got to my door I was too out of breath to dig my key out of the suitcase, I rang the doorbell and stood there panting like a dog  until my crabby husband let me in.

I had to lay on the kitchen floor for 20 minutes until I could breathe normally .

Note to self : getting old sucks errrr...must get ground floor apartment..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for damn it ya'll

D is for Damn it:


Picture it, last night my husband gets home from work and informs me “I invited Mr. Co-worker over for dinner tomorrow night.” 

He’s dying to share the wonder of his new grill. Well, that’s all fine and good except on Monday my house looks like THIS: 

Today my plan (before I knew we had company coming) was to put away the laundry and go to Tarnby and pick up hub’s dry cleaning. Naturally, that plan had to change. I spent until 2:30 this afternoon trying to make this place look presentable. It’s really just not possible. Damn it

You would think that going to buy a few steaks would be the easiest thing in the world, wouldn’t you? Not if you’re in Denmark. Damn it

I get cleaned up, take my wheeled suitcase and head out walking to the grocery store. I get everything else on my list and then discover there are NO steaks. There is pork up the ying yang, but no steak. Damn it

This means I now have a suitcase full of groceries, including ice cream and I have to rush over to the train station, hop on a train and go to another grocery store. I get to that store and yep, you guessed it, NO steak! Damn it

I try one more store, same thing.  In desperation I call hubby from the train station “Is there any way YOU can go find some meat on your way home? My ice cream is melting and no one has any steak.”

(He’s going to try) 

Assuming he is able to find some meat, he now gets to grill it in, yep, the pouring rain. If not, we’ll be having our first guest over for a delightful dinner of cheese and crackers. 
Bon appetite, damn it

Sunday, April 3, 2011

C is for close up......(or clutter)

Freckle nose


Engineer needed


Man clutter

Flea market hair-bow

Too big to LOSE

Winter on the kitchen floor

Time to bake sumthin'

Man clutter 2

Home on a nail

Green eyed boy

The A to Z bloggy thing.......

Hi ya'll,

I have joined up for the A to Z blogging challange for the month of April.
I think I'm already a couple days behind so I will get caught up to the letter C today.

A is for :


1. Away from the appropriate, planned, or expected course; amiss: "many youthful romances go awry".

Yesterday, all my plans went awry.

Since the Primo grill arrived ,we had been desperately searching for something sturdy to put it on. No easy task here in Ikea land. I happened to have noticed a sturdy looking "commode" (according to the price tag)
So yesterday morning my spouse rushes over to the store at the crack of dawn to see if it's suitable.
It's actually an indoor piece of furniture ,but the frame is steel .He deems it appropriate and hauls it home.THEN we realize that we should varnish it ,so it doesn't fall apart in a weeks time.
He could have bought some varnish at the store he had just left ....but nooooo.

The night before, he had come home from work and realized that he'd lost all his keys somewhere.

It was now my mission for Saturday to go have keys made and then find and procure some varnish.

Earlier that morning I had seen people setting up the park outside for what looked like some sort of dog show, with dog agility trails and such. I was dying to take my camera down there and catch some great doggy pictures. This was MY plan. After my errands of course.

Setting up the doggy event! woot!

I walk to the subway ,take a metro to Fredericksberg .First stop ,the key place .The guy informs me that he is not "allowed to copy our apartment key,we will have to go through the landlord to get a new one."
Lovely. So I get 400 kroners worth of other keys made and then head accross the street to the thrift store.
I then got on a bus and went to 2 more thrift stores.

It was the warmest day I've seen here yet! People were out in droves ,wearing shorts.I went as far as to walk around coatless.I couldn't wait to get home and hang out in the park watching the dog show in the sun.


I take a bus back to the metro station, take my train towrds home. As we pass by the park , I see that the whole dog show event is gone. Already OVER and gone   :(


I go to the mall ,which is an absolute madhouse to get the varnish.This requires stupidly looking around for an hour at unidentifiable cans (labled in Danish) .I finally find one which says "Boat Laquer" ,by golly ! That should be good enough.


Drying,while locked in the hall

I went out on the balcony and began my varnishing project . (because frankly, I'm good at it, I knew hubby would make a sloppy mess of it) At the same time,he had just put a pork roast on the primo grill.

So there I am ,crouched down nearly at ground level (I was wearing my only decent jeans ) so I couldn't get on my knees. I'm varnishing away. The smoke from the grill is blowing right in my damn face . The smoke was so bad I could not even smell the varnish. Fast forward to about an hour later.......I suddenly became deathly ill. I was instantly overcome by nausea and I was so dizzy I could not even focus my eyes. I managed to make it into the house ,flung myself down on the bed and said "OMG, I think I have carbon monoxide poisoning." I was so dizzy ,I could not move.

My husband happened to by lying there on the bed ,watching some old Betty davis movie.He did not take me serious at ALL.He contunued watching his movie until I finally told him "you're going to have to go finish the varnishing before the brush is ruined.I can not get up."

He did (and of course he ruined my neat job I had been doing) I knew that falling asleep was not a good idea,but that's what I did . I woke up a hour or so later (glad I was still alive) and feeling much better.
I don't know if it was the varnish fumes, the smoke or both ...but don't try this at home people. Stupid ,stupid stupid!

Later on ,my husband found his damn lost keys in his backpack.

Just another day here not in paradise.


B is for Buck naked :

My neighbors are constantly buck naked. Accross from me are 4 floors worth of neighbors ,with their blinds open. They walk around naked ,they iron naked, they eat naked, they sit on their couch naked,they lay in bed naked. Looking out my window is like a trip to Amsterdam .

I was waiting for a taxi one day down in the parking lot and what do I see? An old lady in her kitchen ,walking around, yep, bucknaked!

For the love of God people, shut your damn blinds!


I shall retuen with a "C" post after my thrilling day unfolds.

                                                                   Have a great day Peeps!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The excitement is killing me.....

Well, I have once again been stuck at home waiting for something to be delivered.
4 damn days I have been stuck here ...waiting.What was I waiting for? husbands new baby. The Primo grill.

It finally arrived last night at 5 P.M.,it weighs about a ton 
and they delivered it as far as the sidewalk,10 stories below.

Luckily my husband had come home early and got to haul it up here by himself. 

Hence forth ,every piece of meat we eat in Denmark will be smoke flavored.
Now, if only I could find some identifiable meat.

That will be my mission for today. 

In other news.....oh yeah ,there isn't any. It's still winterlike ,the wind is howling and I don't think I need to repeat how sick of it ,I am.

I'm sick of it!!!! (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

I've been living in this apartment since November. Yesterday, I forgot how to turn the shower on.I must say ,that is a little bit scary.I literally could not figure out how to turn the water on. HELLO senior moment!