Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring it forward

   Hi ya'll, yes, I'm still alive and yes, I threw myself out of the a to z challange weeks ago. What was I thinking, trying to do that in the middle of moving accross the world .Umm....yeah so what's been happening around here?

Who knew that Easter was a 5 day weekend ,with every damn thing closed and my slob ....errr I mean spouse stuck at home. 
I nearly lost my mind.

My husband invited a Danish work friend, wife and their 2 kids over for dinner on Easter.We cooked lamb and a beer can chicken on the primo grill.I also made mashed potatos and gravy,green beans and sweet potato casserole.
The kids,aged 9 and 13 loathed every bit of our American food.It was kind of funny how horrifed they were. I offered to make them hot dogs or noodles but they said no.It reminded of when my kids tried liver.

We had a good time and they probably had to stop at Mcdonalds on the way home. BTW the mom is the only one who loved the sweet potato casserole.

Note to self: next time make some danish food as well.


I have scoured every inch of Copenhagen for a pair of comfortable (yet not hideous) shoes. No luck. What happened to arch support? all the shoes are just flat on the inside.
Why do I have these stupid "princess and the pea" feet? I can feel a lint ball the size of a pin head and it will seem like a boulder in my shoe. My socks have to be on the right foot or I can feel that too.

Yesterday I braved the shuffling wall of humanity to return to Stroget to get these :

You love 'em right?

 I wish they'd come in red :)


Four days and a wake-up and I'm heading home. It's going to be a longgggg trip. They have no direct flights from Copenhagen to Dallas. I usually fly to dallas and then drive home to Arkansas.This time I have to fly into Chicago.I'll stay a few days with my youngest and then he gets the joy of driving me and the cats ,12 hours home.
Hopefully the cats will be able to handle staying at their house for a few days as they have 2 dogs ,2 ferrets and a cat :)

Speaking of cats, O'Reilly gets to fly in the cabin with me in a little tiny bag.He hasn't done that since the Sweden trip of 2004,during which he screamed his head off the entire way and once busted his way right out of the zippered bag.Poor Cavuto is too huge to fit in a tiny zippered bag so he has to fly in cargo.He may scream the entire way as well, but no one will hear it.

 Wish us luck !


I have been busy ,busy getting ready to leave so I won't bore you with the details of drudgery.Without further ado....spring has finally sprung here in Denmark! Yippee!
Check it out. (click the pics to see them full sized)

Getting that boat ready to sail

The Danish Royal Lifeguards

sunset from our balcony   

Green at last!

park in Frederiksberg

Flea market baby!

so crowded you could barely get to the goods
spring chickens

awaiting the crowd

                                       Happy Saturday!


  1. Haha, I can't imagine your spoiled ass cats staying with Logan and his hounds!

  2. and the cats thought the flight was bad just wait til they get to logans

  3. Your pics are awesome, and I'm happy to hear that you will be coming home soon. I never thought about the food differences before, I'll bet that WAS fun. Hmmm..

    LOL at the comments above. Have fun Lena -- be careful. Hugs. :)

  4. Here's to a safe flight....with NO surprises! I bet you can't WAIT to get home again. (understatement, right?). Keep us updated. Be well and God Bless.

  5. my dogs eat cats for breakfast... no not really. Your precious royal cats will be fine.

  6. Hope your place/boat dock hasn't had too much storm damage. The rain still hasn't stopped here in S. Missouri.

  7. wow these are great pictures! Hope you're all settled where you are. I'm saying late hello's to some people I missed visiting during the A-Z blogfest :)
    HOpe you have a great weekend!