Thursday, April 7, 2011

E is for elevator

E is for elevator :

Yesterday ,after walking my ass off all day ,I got home and realized that the elevator was stuck on the 1st floor. I had to take my suitcase full of dry cleaning and various goods and walk up 11 effin flights of stairs.

After 3 flights I stopped and ripped the hot scarf off my neck. After 2 more flights I stopped and took my coat off. I stood there and gazed upward, thinking "Good lord ,how many more flights are there? "

I felt I would never make it to the top. I found myself counting steps ,every time I got to 8 I would start over. (I have no idea what that's about)

By the time I finally got to my door I was too out of breath to dig my key out of the suitcase, I rang the doorbell and stood there panting like a dog  until my crabby husband let me in.

I had to lay on the kitchen floor for 20 minutes until I could breathe normally .

Note to self : getting old sucks errrr...must get ground floor apartment..


  1. How annoying! 11 flights!?? I would have called my husband to come down and help me!

  2. Goodness...I feel for you. I take the stairs in my building because I want to and I don't have eleven flights. Unless I am carrying anything, then I take the elevator. I hope you are all recovered by now. Hugs. :)

  3. O.M.G. Never. I absolutely could not have done it. I would have set up camp in front of the elevator and waited. LOL Kudos to you...Whatta woman!!

  4. That really sucks, LOL!! Hope you have recovered!

  5. Found you through the A-Z April challenge. Thoroughly enjoying your posts ! I'll be back for more - I'm your newest follower.

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  6. Quit smoking and stairs are a breeze ;)