Sunday, April 3, 2011

The A to Z bloggy thing.......

Hi ya'll,

I have joined up for the A to Z blogging challange for the month of April.
I think I'm already a couple days behind so I will get caught up to the letter C today.

A is for :


1. Away from the appropriate, planned, or expected course; amiss: "many youthful romances go awry".

Yesterday, all my plans went awry.

Since the Primo grill arrived ,we had been desperately searching for something sturdy to put it on. No easy task here in Ikea land. I happened to have noticed a sturdy looking "commode" (according to the price tag)
So yesterday morning my spouse rushes over to the store at the crack of dawn to see if it's suitable.
It's actually an indoor piece of furniture ,but the frame is steel .He deems it appropriate and hauls it home.THEN we realize that we should varnish it ,so it doesn't fall apart in a weeks time.
He could have bought some varnish at the store he had just left ....but nooooo.

The night before, he had come home from work and realized that he'd lost all his keys somewhere.

It was now my mission for Saturday to go have keys made and then find and procure some varnish.

Earlier that morning I had seen people setting up the park outside for what looked like some sort of dog show, with dog agility trails and such. I was dying to take my camera down there and catch some great doggy pictures. This was MY plan. After my errands of course.

Setting up the doggy event! woot!

I walk to the subway ,take a metro to Fredericksberg .First stop ,the key place .The guy informs me that he is not "allowed to copy our apartment key,we will have to go through the landlord to get a new one."
Lovely. So I get 400 kroners worth of other keys made and then head accross the street to the thrift store.
I then got on a bus and went to 2 more thrift stores.

It was the warmest day I've seen here yet! People were out in droves ,wearing shorts.I went as far as to walk around coatless.I couldn't wait to get home and hang out in the park watching the dog show in the sun.


I take a bus back to the metro station, take my train towrds home. As we pass by the park , I see that the whole dog show event is gone. Already OVER and gone   :(


I go to the mall ,which is an absolute madhouse to get the varnish.This requires stupidly looking around for an hour at unidentifiable cans (labled in Danish) .I finally find one which says "Boat Laquer" ,by golly ! That should be good enough.


Drying,while locked in the hall

I went out on the balcony and began my varnishing project . (because frankly, I'm good at it, I knew hubby would make a sloppy mess of it) At the same time,he had just put a pork roast on the primo grill.

So there I am ,crouched down nearly at ground level (I was wearing my only decent jeans ) so I couldn't get on my knees. I'm varnishing away. The smoke from the grill is blowing right in my damn face . The smoke was so bad I could not even smell the varnish. Fast forward to about an hour later.......I suddenly became deathly ill. I was instantly overcome by nausea and I was so dizzy I could not even focus my eyes. I managed to make it into the house ,flung myself down on the bed and said "OMG, I think I have carbon monoxide poisoning." I was so dizzy ,I could not move.

My husband happened to by lying there on the bed ,watching some old Betty davis movie.He did not take me serious at ALL.He contunued watching his movie until I finally told him "you're going to have to go finish the varnishing before the brush is ruined.I can not get up."

He did (and of course he ruined my neat job I had been doing) I knew that falling asleep was not a good idea,but that's what I did . I woke up a hour or so later (glad I was still alive) and feeling much better.
I don't know if it was the varnish fumes, the smoke or both ...but don't try this at home people. Stupid ,stupid stupid!

Later on ,my husband found his damn lost keys in his backpack.

Just another day here not in paradise.


B is for Buck naked :

My neighbors are constantly buck naked. Accross from me are 4 floors worth of neighbors ,with their blinds open. They walk around naked ,they iron naked, they eat naked, they sit on their couch naked,they lay in bed naked. Looking out my window is like a trip to Amsterdam .

I was waiting for a taxi one day down in the parking lot and what do I see? An old lady in her kitchen ,walking around, yep, bucknaked!

For the love of God people, shut your damn blinds!


I shall retuen with a "C" post after my thrilling day unfolds.

                                                                   Have a great day Peeps!


  1. Yea that you are doing the A to Z!

    Boo that you nearly asphyxiated yourself. Your life makes me laugh. Seriously. But not AT you of course, because I am hopefully laughing with you.

    Hugs. :)

  2. Am I allowed to laugh?

  3. Reminds me of the time I got the brilliant idea to mix bleach and windex for a more powerful bathroom cleaner!
    not smart!

    Chlorine gas is rather poisonous. live and learn... then hopefully continue to live after said learning takes place!

  4. @wes comet and bleach are dangerous mix too.....buck naked where are the pictures, my love.....bwahahahaha..........yes I am glad you are ok........

  5. Too much!I just had to stop over when I saw the name of your blog on the list. I'm participating in the A-Z challenge too. New follower too :-)

  6. Frankly, I think too many people stick to breathing boring old air. As a visitor through the A to Z challenge, I commend your adventurous spirit, and incidentally offer congratulations on surviving.

    I myself once attempted to cross a river estuary at low tide in the mistaken belief that the mud had "dried out," so I can assure you I travel through life in the same vein.

  7. I love balconies. I spent a lot of my time there, exercising, painting my little girl's nails. *Sigh* I don't envy you for the free peepshows you get, though! Ew...

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  8. I haven't posted on anyone's blog that hasn't kept up with the challenge till I found yours and couldn't resist those kittens. Adorable.