Sunday, April 10, 2011

F thru for

           F is for fluffy :


G is for get it while it's hot!

That's right guys, this little cutie is going to be up for sale after the first week of May. 2006 Miata convertable with less than 30,000 miles .Sweet !

H is for HOME !

The babies and I are going home for the summer in about 3 weeks. Yee haw!!!

 p.s. blogger is screwed up again .what's that huge white space?


  1. LOVE the dog and the car, and I am so happy that you are going home for the summer. Have a great Sunday. :) Is it warmer there yet?

  2. And girls week in about 5 weeks, let the summer poodles

  3. I bet you are looking forward to being out in the boat again and the warm weather. Maybe you will still get to see a little of the warm weather in Denmark before you go?