Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Start spreadin' the news......

 I'll be back shortly folks (to update) I swear!

In the mean time please spread the word....Skeletor and family need a doggy loving landlord in Jacksonville ,Florida.

Click here:


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  1. yo yo yo -- that's a sure way to get me in here! (there's a lot more to it -) but i thought you ere gonna say they were gettin hitched or havin a baby !!! don't do that to me ;)) not that either would be a bad thing -- just a shock at the moment . i'm sleep deprived. among other things. i need a very long nap - but i have to go to the dentist in a while.
    anyhow-- i'm alive.
    i'm gonna try to post here shortly -- forgive me if i sleep blog.
    love and miss you-