Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for damn it ya'll

D is for Damn it:


Picture it, last night my husband gets home from work and informs me “I invited Mr. Co-worker over for dinner tomorrow night.” 

He’s dying to share the wonder of his new grill. Well, that’s all fine and good except on Monday my house looks like THIS: 

Today my plan (before I knew we had company coming) was to put away the laundry and go to Tarnby and pick up hub’s dry cleaning. Naturally, that plan had to change. I spent until 2:30 this afternoon trying to make this place look presentable. It’s really just not possible. Damn it

You would think that going to buy a few steaks would be the easiest thing in the world, wouldn’t you? Not if you’re in Denmark. Damn it

I get cleaned up, take my wheeled suitcase and head out walking to the grocery store. I get everything else on my list and then discover there are NO steaks. There is pork up the ying yang, but no steak. Damn it

This means I now have a suitcase full of groceries, including ice cream and I have to rush over to the train station, hop on a train and go to another grocery store. I get to that store and yep, you guessed it, NO steak! Damn it

I try one more store, same thing.  In desperation I call hubby from the train station “Is there any way YOU can go find some meat on your way home? My ice cream is melting and no one has any steak.”

(He’s going to try) 

Assuming he is able to find some meat, he now gets to grill it in, yep, the pouring rain. If not, we’ll be having our first guest over for a delightful dinner of cheese and crackers. 
Bon appetite, damn it


  1. Is it wrong that this post made me actually WANT cheese and crackers? And maybe some pickles...

    I hope it all works out!

  2. I guess you're going to have to get yourself some livestock...

  3. SO do the people in Denmark not believe in eating cows? Only pigs? WTH? Happy Humpday. :)