Monday, December 12, 2011

They're gonna take over the world

Picture it.....this morning I was standing at my kitchen window ,when sudden movement caught my eye.

I stared in horror as a rat boldly walked accross the lawn and picked up an apple in it's mouth.Then it tried to carry the apple though a hole in the fence.

No luck, the apple was too big ,it rolled away ,back down the grass. The rat goes back over and gets the apple back in it's jaws and this time, before he tried to go through the hole he starts rapidly ripping off chunks of apple with it's teeth ,spitting them on the ground.

I stood there with my mouth hanging open and heard myself say " you smart rat bastard."

That damn rat made the apple small enough to carry it through the hole.

Which they apparently do, quite often.

I am afraid, I am very afraid.


 In other news...oh yeah there isn't any because I'm sick as crap.

I haven't even mailed my Christmas cards yet or shopped for 3 of my kids (that would be the 3 that have sent me NO list....hint hint...Log,Beef, England)

                                          Have a great day peeps!

P.s. Be wary of those rats!


  1. OOO Nasty , you can keep those RATS I dont even wanna imagine that scariness! Hope you feel better soon! hugs lilraggedyangie

  2. Get you some rat bait and put it by the hole in the fence. A poison based on Warfarin works very well. Rats carry a lot of disease. Be sure and take at least 1000 units of Vitamin D3 - in the winter. Your immune system will thank you and you won't get sick. You are welcome. G5

  3. I agree with G5. Rat bait not mouse bait, RAT BAIT and maybe a rat (AGAIN NOT MOUSE SIZE) trap right in front of that hole in the fence. You need to begin aggressively fighting back.

  4. I had no idea about the difference of baits, I wonder if our rats are related........also pet friendly bait is, cement mixed with flour, they eat the flour mixture, drink water, run, cement sets there done! My mom told me this....