Monday, December 5, 2011

Rock me ,yo

Ola, ya'll,

Saturday, around 3 in the afternoon I had just made my mind up that there was no reason to get dressed that day.Naturally it was about 2 seconds later, when my spouse says " Come on you need to try driving the car."

I managed to drive it all the way to the shopping center where my Dentists office is located ,before it got too dark out for me to see. It was nerve wracking because of all the bicycle traffic ,the fact that I'm not used to driving a little car OR a stick shift and the presence of my husband sitting there. In spite of all that ,it did go WAYYY better than my trying to drive in England.I think eventually, I can get the hang of it. 

So what happens today? Hubby is out of the country, the cute little car is sitting right here. I chickened out and walked to the store ,with suitcase in tow. Somebody slap me!

 Tomorrow is my appointment to finally get my real crown put on my tooth. Will I have the nerve to drive myself there?

We shall see .


After all the time I've been here ,yesterday my husband was kind enough to hook up the speakers on my computer. (Thank God!) 

Today ,after I cleaned and did laundry I went crazy trying to buy music from Amazon. No dice! 

I finally managed to get myself an Itunes account which DOES work in Denmark.  Yippeee!!! I am thrilled to now have some Christmas music, and Nickelbacks new album. Woot!
So if any one needs me I'll be over here rockin' out :)

 And maybe re-trying the cats Christmas pictures.

Christmas picture FAIL!

Have a great day guys! Luv me   


  1. Stealing that first picture of oreily,gonna posture in splendid page...if you get anymore funny ones post I can put them on Ellens.. page, and that is alright with you thanks love! Vicki

  2. have you tried grooveshark? As long as you have a strong internet connection you can listen to anything. Thats how we're listening to our christmas music this year. :)

  3. I love your Christmas cat pictures. Cute blog title. I found it on best posts of the week. I have a huge cat, but he is very strange. He has never jumped on the counter or table and he does not eat my food if I leave my plate--even if it's fish. I love cats.

  4. You can also stream music from and, carl!