Saturday, December 3, 2011

My French loverboy....

Hi ya'll,

   Yesterday, I left here (after my chores) which was about 1 in the afternoon and my plan was to go to this Christmas market I had read about. I took the big camera ,ready to see some sights! 

I took the train to Vesterport and then walked to the Christmas market ,which turned out to be this little tiny market  not really even picture worthy AND it was raining. 

 So, seeing as it was so late and I hadn't eaten a thing yet ,I went to McDonalds and had myself a double cheeseburger meal.I then just began walking around to see what I might find and I wound up on Stroget ,the big shopping street. I walked all the way down that, hoping to take some pictures. Due to the rain, I could only have the camera out for a few seconds and even then, every time I saw a shot I wanted, people would stop and stand right in my way. 

 So, here's what I saw ...for those few seconds......

   When I got to the end of Stroget ,I wound up at kongens nytorv . They have a huge department store there so I went in for a while and tried on hats. (trying to find one that I might LOVE for Christmas) 

I think my hair or my head is too big ,because some of them fit me like little kid hats. Needless to say ,I had no luck finding a hat that was any better than the OLD one I have from Chicago!(and by better , I mean cuter)  There were plenty of functional hats or hats that made me look like a peeled onion. Excuse me if I want a flattering hat,a hat that transforms me into a winter vision . LOL

Anyhow, by then I was sweating like a pig ,in my huge ass puffy coat. So I left there ,took the metro to Norreport and was just about to take the train home, when I realized, due to my FINE ,I had better not get on that train without a ticket for the extra zones.

 Well, every ticket machine in the place was out of order. I had to go up to street level, to the actual ticket office. I got there and got my number "63" ,they were on number "40".I continue sweltering in my freakin' puffy coat ,for about an hour ,until my number is finally called. Since I was THERE, I went ahead and had them fix my zones on my pass, to include the zone where I live.

I finally got outside in the freezing, yet refreshing air and I stopped to put my coat back on, some guy said something to me as I was doing that.

me: " I'm sorry, I don't understand."

 him: (in perfect english, yet with a french accent)
"Oh ,I understand you perfectly, you are a beautiful woman. "

me: "Thank you.Have a nice day " (trying to get on my merry way)

him " You are VERY beautiful . Have a nice Christmas ."

Ok, so he may or may not have been a homeless guy. At this age, I'll take a complement any where I can get it.

  Don't hate me because I'm beautiful . Bwa ha ha !

have a great day guys! Luv me


  1. This post made me smile, because you are a very beautiful women.......i keep telling you that....what are those pig things in the flower shop, they are cool?

  2. You took some great, great pics in the rain. Zee French man was jus hitting on you - if you had said Thank You and smiled, he woulda kept on going, but I know - you are wise to the ways of the world. G5

  3. Made me smile too. You are very beautiful. Enjoy the compliment.