Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just give me the package already

Hi all, 
Yep, I'm late again .

I've had the plauge.I've spent most of the last week lying in bed with my good buddy  ,Nyquil.

I did have to venture out a few times .One of those was a nice trip to the post office.

When you get a package here in Denmark , they leave you a slip which you take to the post office. Once in the post office you take a number and then report to the counter ,displaying your number. 

I had a package to pick up ,a package to mail to the USA and 3 envelopes to mail to Ireland and Scottland.

My number comes up and I head up to the counter. 
The counter of Mean Postal guy .

Me "Hi, do you speak English?"

Mean Postal guy "  Jeg taler hollandsk og dansk "

Lovely. I show him my package and envelopes , he hands me some various stamps (which I can not even see without glasses) and spouts off some amount in Danish. I hand him my credit card.He gives me a slip to sign and then sees that the card is in hubbys name. So he snatches my stuff back, gives me card back to me. 

Me (repeatedly " I'm sorry ,I don't understand."

Mean postal guy (repeatedly) "Jeg taler hollandsk og dansk"

I finally find enough cash to pay for the stamps.Then I hand him the slip to retrieve my package. 

He brings the package and says "Vis mig dit id"

Me "I'm sorry ,I don't understand."

Mean postal guy writes the same thing down on a piece of paper. This does not help me one bit. I finally realize he must need my Id. I show him my Arkansas drivers license. He snatches my package away from me and goes and puts it back on the shelf. 

I still have the mystery stamps and the unmailed envelopes in my hand. I wander back through the waiting crowd "does any one speak English? "

Luckily a man stepped up and said he did and he was trying to help me understand what to do with the stamps.He said "go to her (the other clerk) she speaks English Then they called HIS number, so I got myself another number to get back up to the counter. 

My number came up again and lo and behold ,I was right back in front of 

Mean Postal guy. 

This time I had the mystery stamps ON the letters, so I gave him those, returned my package slip to him and showed him my passport.

Mean postal guy "du sgu american idiot, komme ud af min linje, før jeg går post"

He gives me my package ,at last .

Me (under my breath ) "Tak! It's been a real pleasure dealing with your grouchy ass ,while sweltering in this coat for an hour. "

I pray that next time ,I get the female clerk.

I have a whole new sympathy for foreigners in a country where they don't know the language.


I also had to go in search of a certain Christmas gift ,which was hell to find,BTW and I wound up walking down Stroget the other day .The street was jam packed with people ,the Christmas lights were all lit up and then I came upon this guy ,he was speaking English to the crowd and singing country music.

I whipped out the camera long enough to do this little film and then I noticed that my battery was nearly dead.

Welcome to denmarks shopping street ,Stroget :)


It's snowing like crazy right now. I hope it sticks ! Woot!

 have a great day Peeps!

Luv me


  1. Your posts are always entertaining! have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Still think u should take writing to supplement Scott's income

  3. HOLY CATS ...thats alot of hassle to send or pick up a package still sure you want me to send you one ? lol Princess and Fudge love your santa kitty ! A friend of mine online just went to china and adopted a child they got some download for their phone and it translates language by speech to english and vice versa they said it was awesome help you should look into that , mean postal guy can cuss you into you phone and it will translate back in English but then you can dish it right back via cell lol !

  4. Santa cat is sooo cute, but he looks like maybe not entirely enjoying the photo op. Put on your Santa list one of those handheld translator devices - English to Danish or Danish to English and 7 other languages. About 40 US bucks. This blog was hilarious. G5