Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tis' the season to be a hag

Ok, it's either never post again.....or just go with my rant. Maybe if I purge myself, I will cease to be such a rabid witch.

Where to start? I suppose after my last rabid post :)

 I was supposed to go to the dentist on Thanksgiving, right. I walk to the bus stop take the long ass bus ride, I was so nervous I couldn't even sleep the night before. I get to the dentist office, sit and wait .and wait. I'm finally IN the chair waiting and the dentist comes in and says "we have a problem, our suction machine has broken down, and you will have to come back tomorrow. Good thing I didn't already numb you up."

 Good for whom?

 Take my half hour bus ride back home (livid, mind you) and get all set for repeating the whole thing at 9 A.M .on Friday morning.

Luckily we went out to eat Chinese food on Thanksgiving. I was able to scarf down my food on the side with OUT a broken tooth .My mood was not good.

 I got up at the crack of dawn the next day and made my way to the dentist. Usually, when I go have dental work I grip the arm rest's in a death grip during the entire process.

Well, picture it....this dental office is stark MODERN, mostly white, futuristic looking place. I am all laid back in the chair, with my head on this little uncomfortable square when I realize there are NO armrests!

I had to grip my own hands in the death grip!

I made it through the dreaded crown prep, took my long ass bus ride back home and my temporary crown didn't even fall out until the next night.

 The weekend was freezing, with 40 MPH wind blowing; needless to say I did not go any where.
I did however; continue to feel even more negative and bitchy.

Some time Monday morning, I felt like such a bitch I actually said, aloud "Get thee behind me Satan and stay out of my life!"

Shortly after that, I got in the shower and I was thinking “Man, I can't believe hubby took a shower this cool." (The water stays at the temp it's set on) I turned the water up hotter and by the time my head was covered in shampoo, I realized that the water was getting colder, not hotter. S*it, there was NO hot water!

I skipped the conditioner and barely rinsed the soap out of my hair with ice water.

 Then, I decided I was going to go run my errands with a bigger suitcase than usual. There I was in the mall leaving Frederiksberg, after filling the big suitcase up with heavy groceries, when I hear this *clump* clump* noise and step on a black piece of plastic. What was it, you ask? It was the wheel of my suitcase falling apart, of course.

 I wheeled it going *clump* clump* onto the Metro to Christianshavn and then across the street to the pharmacy (where I had to get my prescriptions and some DENTU GRIP to hopefully, hold my crown in) it was then, that the second wheel began falling apart.

 I had these visions of having to drag the damn thing home, but there were some smaller, crappier wheels INSIDE the outer wheels. So it was a bumpy pulling, but I made it home, still semi -rolling. Devil be damned!

 After I was home I spoke to my spouse and told him about the "no hot water" situation. About an hour later, I realized there was also NO heat.

He got home after 7;30 and then had to spend the next 5 hours on the phone with the gas company and working on the heater/water thingy (that's the technical term) :)

 I spent that time trying to keep my bitchy mouth shut and decorated the Christmas tree.

 Must relax....ommmmm....ommmmmmm...

 Come on good moods :))) (and new tooth and warm ,non windy days)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. You've had a really ugly couple of days there. So, when do you get the tooth crowned? Soon I hope. You need one of those bicycles with the big wooden cargo area on it to haul stuff in. I hope things start going smoother soon, and that damn tooth either falls out of your head or gets fixed.

  2. oh, that sounds awful. I do the same thing at the dentist (hold onto the armrests as tight as possible). Hope things improve - especially the heat/hot water situation!

  3. omg - this makes my worse days sound like a walk in the park! I think perhaps you need to replenish alcoholic beverages at home by TRIPLING the supply! Can you picture it? No hot water.....okey dokey....ice clinking in glass...I'll drink to that. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Hope your days improve before you're on the 11 o'clock news. (woman runs naked down Main Street shouting 'catch me if you can'....film at 11). Big hugs.