Friday, November 18, 2011

Sorry ,you are NO squirrel

 We have this apple tree in our back yard .Right now it is still covered with bird pecked apples (or so I thought) I was all "oh how quaint, we have an apple tree"

Picture it, the other morning I'm sitting outside ,smoking, right as the sun is coming up. I look over at the apple tree and think I see the silhouette of a bird. I do a double take .No it is not a bird ,it is an 'effin RAT!


 I am totally skeeved out with horror. I try to calm myself down by saying " just think of it as a squirrel with a reall ugly tail"

The next day ,I see another rat in the tree. Now I am afraid to put my feet down on the ground when it is dark out side. I have never had the fear that a squirrel is going to come climb up my legs. Sorry rats. You've got to go! Someone please tell me how to get rats out of my yard and my tree!


       Yesterday I went to fredericksberg to my favorite thrift store and what did I find?

  A fire King baking dish! I grew up seeing the fire king cups at my grandmas.I don't even recall seeing any bake ware.I got it for 20 kronars...which is about $3.62 .....WOOT!


Sunday, I walked to the store carrying two huge bags of empty plastic bottles. They have these machines here where you put the bottles in and it gives you a reciept which you cash in for money.(you pay a deposit on those bottles)

 So I get to the store and they are closed (welcome to Sunday in Denmark) I look accross the street and see that nothing is open except 7-11. I trudge over there with my bags of bottles (looking like an idiot),I dig my little purse out of one of the bags and buy some diet coke, then trudge back home.

Well a couple days later I notice that my money is gone. I had a 500 kronar bill in there.(about 90 US dollars) I call hubby "did you take some money out of my purse?" " No"

Isn't that special. Apparently someone in 7-11 had a very lucky day last Sunday when they found my money on the floor. Damn it!

                                                              Have a great day Peeps!
                                                                     luv me


  1. Did you take any of those ugly tail squirrel pics? When we had rate outside our old house, we bought big rat traps from grocery store. Put them near walls where they might run. Be prepared to put them out of their misery. *shudder*

  2. I hate losig money, therefore I carry for the rats, I would start putting traps in the house, before those rats decide to make your new home theres...and not poison, so you don't have to worry bout the babies, we just had to throw some rat buffet up in our attic, now we just hope the dogs don't find any dead rats......but that its a very cute picture of the rat in the tree, did you take it?

  3. O hello , so much for the enojoyable first of the morning smoke , OMG i so would be freaking out , traps, poison , pellet gun ? Ive never seen a rat in a tree thats scary insane and slightly amusing only cause it didnt happen to me ! lol Sorry you lost you money maybe it will turn up somewhere :0) have a great weekend!

  4. I say rat bait and a pellet gun. Rats are incredibly smart, and creepy at the same time.

  5. Tie a couple containers of rat bait on the limbs. The pellet gun or a BB gun is a good idea too. What fun it would be to sit on the patio and shoot them.

  6. you need a big cat or a terrier. my votes on the terrier.

  7. A rat in a tree, not nearly as cool as a squirrel for sure. but not as bad as having one crawl over your bed, which happened once to me while living in an old settler's house in a village in Kenya, East Africa. The place was crawling with rats and we had quite a time getting rid of them. If you wonder why we were there: My husband was in the Peace Corps ;)