Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A day in the life.....in pictures

I decided to do a picture post of a day in the glamorous life of an expat. Try not to be jealous ya'll.God don't like ugly.

  The day started with Cavuto breaking a glass by knocking it off of my nightstand. Meaning I then had to get up,lock them out of the bedroom and go get the vacuume cleaner before one of them ate glass or cut their feet to ribbons.

The pictures begin after that .

cleaned the house

did laundry

Made some toast

finally left the house around noon .it took so long to do laundry I didn't even bother to put makeup on.

on the way to the train

walking down my street (me and my suitcase)

took the train to Norreport

inside the train

from Norreport ,I took the Metro to our old neighborhhod. Our old apartment is on the 10th floor of that last building on the left.I went there to go to Bilka ,hoping they would have garden gloves and paint.

They did not. Took the Metro to Amergerbro.

Walked over to the "salvation army" ,found NOTHING at all.

Had a piece of the thinnest ,yummiest pizza at the Amergerbro centret.Then went to the hardware store ,did find garden gloves and some of the paint I needed.

Family plan bicycle.I need one of these to do some real shopping!

Took the Metro back to Norreport

At Norreport,caught my train towards home.

Got to my station to realize it was an hour earlier than my cell phone said and I could have stayed out longer.

Walked home with my suitcase (ready to unload the days haul)

All that walking and traveling for THIS!Makes me miss being able to jump in my truck and be at Walmart in 3 minutes.

Tried to take a nap.It didn't work. Went ahead and laid there for about an hour.

Put dinner in the oven.(we were having leftovers because we had company the night before and had made a pork roast and some yummy greek potatoes)

put away the dishes

Made myself a drink. (that is a napkin scotch taped around the glass so my hands don't freeze off when i have to go outside to smoke)

checked on the cats (they are napping on top of the water heater)

worked on some pictures on my computer.

still no sign of hubby

put some green beans on low ,to go with dinner

hubby still not home

turn oven down as low as it will go

check on cats. they're up from their nap

looking for trouble

make myself another drink

take some pictures of Cavuto (for blog headers)

hubby finally calls and is "on the way home"

go check my email and facebook.

decide I am starving and eat a brownie

gaze at clock in exasperation,hubby finally gets home

start getting stuff ready for dinner

hubby relaxes for a while and has a drink
figure I am still hungry and could use some olives

we are finally ready to eat dinner
only a few hours OVER cooked.

Good night Irene! The thrill of it all has exhausted me.

I think this also answers that age old question "why do so many housewives become fat alcoholics?"

You're welcome :)


  1. That's a weird looking break knife! Your son is on the road to Illinois. He left about an hour ago. Neat looking trains. Love ya

  2. Loved this post..

    your pics are awesome. You are such a sweet, patient wife.

    Hugs. :)

  3. I loved this post. Now tell us....do you like it better here, rather than the apartment? Are the seasons like ours? (getting ready to snow any time now) The house looks cozy....you've done such a good job!

  4. Aud here. Love the pics! Since I love scenery and miss Europe, I dl'd a couple to look at later. Nice house : )

  5. Love your Clocks, really like the yellow one, and dinner looked really yummy.....