Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I always get behind when my damn teeth fall out.......

Picture it, night before last spouse was out of the country so there I was enjoying my favorite frozen Thai food and a piece of bread .(the official dinner of lazy expat housewives ,when left alone) and what happens? 
 One of my damn teeth crumbles to bits right in my bite of food.

My teeth falling out or falling to peices is one of my most frequent ,recurring nightmares BTW. 

Before I came back to Denmark, I went to my dentist..I had xrays, a check up ,even got the old pearlies cleaned.

At that visit ,my dentist actually said to me,while gazing at my xrays.... "I'd like to shake the hand of the guy who did your fillings, these things are a work of art."

Now ,I realize what he really meant "you have more metal than teeth in there, what an artist that guy must have been."

So ,yesterday I got to make an appointment with a NEW dentist. Naturally they were booked solid ,as was my old dentist.So I was able to go in and see Jesper,a young hygenist who stuffed my tooth with a foul tasting, rough temporary filling .He also xrayed my tooth and said " oh, this is bad. You're going to have to get a crown."

Nothing I hate more than dental work.*shudder*
The only other time I've gotten  a crown (my dentist knew what a wreck I was) he gave me laughing gas while they did it.

So,please bear with me while my life is ruined. I go back tomorrow to get some temporary crown ,then back 2 weeks later to get the final one.

Meanwhile, tomorrow night I will be going out for Thanksgiving dinner at the Chinese restaurant, chewing very carefully on one side .I told hubby "Lets just go out, it winds up costing a fortune when we try to make a Turkey dinner over here and it's just not worth it."

So that's my thrilling news. If I owe you email, sorry, I'm getting caught up as fast as I can.

I went to a couple flea markets this weekend and here's what I found . Woot!

Christmas candle holders

Two of these weird lamps

The boys ,watching birdies

cute little dear head

black lantern

the other lamp


and this bad ass ice bucket from Germany

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  1. Omg, you mounted one of santas reindeer, poor the candle holders! Call me......tomorrow, happy thanksgiving and love you