Saturday, November 12, 2011

Duck ,duck,goose....

    I was wondering why all the grocery stores had geese and duck for sale, up the ying yang. It was hard to find any meat besides the unidentifiable pork and a plethora of duck.

Apparently it is a Danish holiday ,when everyone eats duck and/ or geese.

My husband sent me this explanation of the holiday (which has obviously been translated from Danish to English) sooo, here's the story .....

"Morten Bishop
We know him as Morten bishop, but his original name is Martin. It is because of the legend of him that many of us eat duck / goose on Monday, when the 10th November - "Morten's evening." On 11 November called Martinmas day / Martins today.
He was born around the year 316th As a 15-year-old he entered the Roman army, which he left again when he was 18 years. Then he traveled as a missionary in among others Illyria. In the year 361 founded the Martin his first monastery in Gaul. He was appointed bishop of Tours, died in November 397 on a mission trip. In 659 he was elevated to saint.

There are many legends about the Holy St. Martin of Tours. One says that he awoke dead to life, another that he cured a leper by his kiss. The most famous is the story of how he hid in a goose-house, not to be elected bishop. It is the legend that connects him with Morten evening. He was a very holy man, but also very humble. When he heard there was a delegation going to assign him his office, he hid among geese in the goose-house. The geese piped up in fright, he was exposed and forced to assume the office of bishop. According to legend, he used his new dignity to utter a sentence of sorts geese. He decreed that every year geese should let their lives on this particular date. And so it was."

Or better yet......

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