Friday, January 20, 2012

Helsinki, Finland

Hi ya'll,

I just went on a business trip with my spouse to Helsinki ,Finland.
It was freezin' ass cold there ,but also snowy and beautiful.The second day we were there it snowed all day. The trees were covered in snow and there are hills there, it really reminded me of Colorado.

We stayed at a hotel right by the Central train station. The town has trolly cars (trams) ,which is how I spent most of my time. I just rode random trams to see what might be out there.I also spent a lot of time shopping and on our final day ,I took a taxi to this "famous" flea market, which turned out to be absolute crap! I felt guilty for not buying anything . It was seriously pathetic.

It's very gray and dark there. The sun didn't really come up until around 9 A.M. ,and then not much of it.
This made for some hideous picture taking. Also most of them were taken thru the window of the trams.

                                                     (click 'em to see them full sized) 

                                                              Have a great day peeps! 

Oh yeah, P.S. no sign of any of my rats since we've been home. The thought of them being dead makes me feel awful :(

Finnish hotel room

Finnish hotel bathroom

The view from our room

   More hotel room


  1. It's pretty awesome that you have the opportunity to visit so many different countries an experience so many different things.
    Sounds like you needed a companion tho. Was the spouse at work the whole time you were scopin out the area?
    Are you ever in places like this when it isn't freezin?

  2. Great snow pics! Also, love the pic of the cat on the boat. Everybody here envies you that you get to go to Finland. G5

  3. Looks like an awsome the twin statutes........