Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's alive and eating cake

Well, I see that blogger has changed every damn thing since I've been in my never ending, winter slump.
That's just peachy.

Anyhow, yep....I'm alive out here. it's going to be a sweltering 55 degrees today. So in celebration, I am forcing myself to update my dusty old blog.

Why haven't I been blogging? A few reasons ........I've barely taken any pictures since I've been back in Denmark; it’s been cold, gray and dreary. Everything dead and brown. Ugh! I have had a severe case of writers block .Not that I couldn't think of anything, just that I was thinking of too much, all the time. My mind has been like a tornado in a blender.

Here's an example.....I'll start thinking "hmmm...I really need to update my blog, what should I blog about? The trip to Sweden? Helsinki? The flea market?" Then suddenly I blurt out " Ba kawwwwwk! " and start cackling.

Why, you ask? My son Logan once said to me “look at those chicken legs. Ba kawwwwk! "
Every time I see my own legs now I squawk like a crazed chicken and start laughing..

Then from there, my mind will just wonder on to some other insane thing which is in no way related to updating my blog.

So, let's try to focus ...ok.

We are "regulars" here at a Chinese restaurant. Yes, we're in Denmark and our favorite place is a Chinese restaurant.Anyhow, we have become friends with our little waitress there and a while back we invited her over for dinner.She works 6 days a week, every week so she had to trade shifts with someone and then wait weeks to come over for dinner.

That day finally arrived, yesterday. Today is my husbands’ birthday so my plan was to make a cake for after dinner. Well, you would think that would be a no brainer, right? Well, not when everything is in Danish and there is no Betty Crocker out here baby. First of all I had to find a cake pan. The closest I came was a spring form pan. (Which I have never used before)
I had a chocolate cake mix I had bought last year. "ok, fine, I'll make that and do home made frosting"

I type the directions into google translate and apparently all I need to add is water. I mix it up; put it in the spring form pan ....the batter is only about half an inch thick. I put it in the oven and pretty soon I smell burning chocolate. The batter is leaking out the bottom of the pan into a burning little pile on the oven floor.
I scrape that out with a spatula and throw it away. The cake is now about a quarter of an inch thick.

I go to wash the bowls and taste the batter. OMG! It tastes like chocolate dish water. Clearly this is not going to work. Meanwhile the batter keeps leaking out of the pan....I open the smoldering oven and remove the chocolate pancake .The shit cake and the shit pan go into the garbage.

Back to good old google, for a chocolate cake recipe. I had to make it in a oblong pan and it wouldn't come out of the pan, but I must say it's bombdiggity delicious!

See, can't stay on track . LOL

Dinner was very interesting . T speaks pretty good english .She told me that one of the guys she works with overheard me speaking and said " She speaks very beautiful but I can not understand what she says."
Apparently my southern accent butchers the english language.

This girl is like 25 years old. She was telling us about how her parents are so "old and worn out now." We asked "how old are they ?"

" ummm" thinking ...."they born in 1967"  (hubby and I nearly fell out of our chairs)

It was fun and refreshing to have our young friend over.

And now....I'm off to eat some cake for breakfast and then the flea market is calling my name.

                                                                    Have a great day peeps!

                                                                             Love me


  1. Sounds like a fun time tell hubby happy birthday, you old geezers!

  2. Welcome back!!! OMG have I ever missed your sense of humor! Post again soon......

  3. Glad to see the ol blog once again. You did it the hard way. Easy way is to go to a bakery and buy a cake. Happy BD to hub and have a happy time at the flea market. G5

  4. thanks hunny child for the ever so needed laughter !
    i do love and miss you...
    see ya soon poops

  5. Somehow I missed this post! It's great to see you blogging again... and damn hilarious! Love you, Ma!