Monday, January 9, 2012

Sorry Wilbur,you must go......

Hi Peeps,

Yesterday, I did go to the loppemarked (flea market), the thing is held in a huge event auditorium. 

the actual place (photo from google images)

There were so many people in there, walking down the aisles is more like one mass shuffle. This makes it very difficult to actually get near enough to each table to look very closely OR to actually buy anything.

Add to this, I was pulling my trusty suitcase with a bag tied to the handle and with no where to put my giant, puffy coat, I had it tied around my waist. (Only sweltering from the waist down,baby)

Most of the merchandise was overpriced antiques. I was searching for the few regular old people, selling their crap, cheap! 

Not that I wouldn’t have bought some little antique, if I found something I loved, but mostly, I didn’t love any of it. The majority of it is either, A. blue and white or B. looks like it came from the 60’s, I like neither.

However, I did find a few little things and they were cheap too. Woot!

Canvas cat art

Little planter and also my new PERFECT tattoo idea (to cover my old one)

6 cheery placemats

2 cute egg baskets

A mess of various picture frames

3 baskets and a little cream pitcher and the most expensive thing I bought was a hot dog!


You know a while back, I posted about how we have rats in our backyard?

Well, since then I have done a lot of rat watching, at first, I tried to convince myself “maybe it’s just ONE rat.” 

I named him Wilbur.

 Eventually, I spotted a lighter one, then a darker one, then a pair of smaller ones. My magical thinking had to be abandoned. The more I saw them, hopping with apples in their mouths, the more I began having visions of myself out there, feeding them cat food when it got too cold out.

I turned to good old Google and did some rat research. “Humane ways to get rid of rats”

Apparently, such a thing does not exist. I did find out the horrors of traps, in which rats have been known to chew their own legs off trying to escape, and sticky traps, where sometimes their face could become stuck and they would lay that way for days until they died. The most humane thing is the poison, which is a blood thinner. The rats actually hemorrage to death, internally (hopefully VERY quickly)

I also learned that rats can begin reproducing at 3 weeks old! Wilbur was well on his way to having his own country out there. 

I found out, during my rat-search that here in Denmark you’re supposed to report it to the city if you have rats.

Of course the city website is in Danish . Here’s is what it said (after translating)


Instances of rats must be reported to the municipality, which sends a rat fights out on the property to initiate combat.

The municipality must provide rodent control. Homeowners, in turn, obliged to keep buildings in good rat proof condition and ensure that there is a reasonable order, etc., so you do not give rats for good living opportunities.

Once you have notified a rat, you will receive a letter from us about things you can do yourself before rat anti transferee arrives.”

Having apples all over the yard was “giving rats good living opportunity” so my spouse cleaned them all up (again) this weekend. 

Bright and early this morning, I filled out the form on the city website to report "my instance of rats”.

About half an hour ago there was a knock on my door.

Me: still in my pajamas “who is it? “

Him: (in perfect English) “It’s the rat guy” 

Man, these "rat fights" don’t mess around! So, the rat guy just filled some contraption with nice, humane, rat poison and left it by Wilbur and families main rat hole.

Yes, I DO feel awful.

Well, ya'll I have a date with 6 dress shirts and a hot iron. (whoopie!)


                                                                   Have a great day ! Luv me

P.S. remember these 2 things....rat traps and french cuff shirts are EVIL.


  1. everything You got looks wonderful, love the chicken eggs basket,..
    Glad you got the rat thing"under control".....have a good night, love me

  2. I have the same picture with the dogs and cats... and I like the mug / tattoo idea. Cute.

    I hope your rats expire quickly. Rat poison usually works pretty quick.

  3. Keep us posted on what happens to Wilbur and friends. I betcha the City of Hot Springs does not have a rat patrol like that. It is good to cover your tat with another one, but please, not one with cat's a-hole looking at you. G5

  4. lol @ "initiate combat". I picture rats in army uniforms carrying weapons and fighting back. I hope the rats are gone soon.

  5. LOL at wez
    i hate rats.. how did you keep em out of your house? are they 'gone'?