Saturday, March 19, 2011

Starting over from scratch ....

     Hi ya'll ,

Well, the morning started off with me stepping in a nice big pile of fresh cat vomit,which happened to then smear all over a hand tufted wool rug. Wonderful.

Then I went to update my blog with "the zoo part 2" ,I get half the pictures uploaded and what happens? All the pictures vanish and I get a message from Blogger saying " all your free space in your blog is full." WTF?

So, as you can see ,I have had to start a whole NEW blog.
Please update your bookmarks and bear with me until I get everything back to normal.

Insert cuss words here.


  1. Oh, dear! Not a good start! You are braver than me. I just paid the ransom for more space.

  2. WTH??? i'm surprised i haven't got a message yet. with my -- well, used to be -- runnin wild fingers , and insanity of images on my blog? nothin sayin mine was full. i reckon shuttin up for a while has been good. hmm.