Sunday, May 3, 2015



I have been so busy dealing with problems ever since I got home .

Let me see.

The internet was not working.

The tags were expired on the truck.

I had to get a litter robot out of the garage and set it up. I was all proud of myself and then realized I forgot to put a bag in the waste drawer. ugh! Then find out we have no bags.The litter robot sounded like a dinosaur when it was running. Sprayed it with wd 40. hope it helps.

The front and back patios are covered in pollen. I had to drag a giant ladder all over the garage to pull down the attic stairs ,I go up in the attic and turn on the water valves.So the outside hose will work. And what happens? that's right ,those f'n pipes are burst AGAIN ! Water immediately starts flooding the attic.
(insert scream here)

I can not move the big green egg out of here by myself ,so it is sitting in my kitchen.
isn't it lovely?

Last summer ,my neighbor Nosey mentioned to me that she was going to be selling her 4 poster bed.Well I said "ooh! I want it!" Because our bedroom set originally came with a queen bed. We bought a king, but they no longer made the headboard. So for years I have just had the old queen headboard ,propped there with my king bed. So, naturally, Nosey buys her new bed right as I get home. Her husband and I had to move that heavy bed over to my house by ourselves. It was no easy task. let me tell you.I do LOVE my new bed!

Now, if only I could remember where my real bedding is...

And last but not least , my poor boy O'Reilly had his vet appointment. They had me leave him there , while they pinned him down and shaved his neck to draw blood .and they did an x ray of his abdomen. The results...bad news. He has a huge tumor taking up half of his abdomen . His weight is down to 8.5 pounds. He normally weighs 12.
  I asked the vet what the options are. A. we do nothing and he would probably last a few months . or B. depending on the blood work ,they could do a laperotomy (exploratory surgery ) and see if it's possible to remove it.Well ,of course both of those options had me bawling my head off.
 In the mean time ,he gave me some special food to hopefully keep him from starving to death right now.
   So the vet got the blood work back yesterday and said ,his organs all looked good .so that tells him the tumor is probably in his intestines or his spleen. Which is sort of good news. Because they can remove a spleen or part of the intestines . So, looks like Booger is going to be going thru some major surgery. Say big prayers please.Ugh. my poor baby.
There goes everyone's birthday money :)

AND my fat pants are tight. 

So, that dear peeps is why it seems like I am ignoring you.I have not even had a chance to call my kids yet.

                                                          Love me

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  1. welcome home. and thanks for making everything sound like chicken little was resurrected. you shoulda just called me ! now i am panic ridden and prolly will never get to sleep tonight. yeh. thank you very much. sounds like O'reilly will be ok. I really really hope so ! did they give you an estimate for the surgery? i bet it's not good. yep -- i got right out of bed thinking some ONE had died - and - or - you were rushing back over the pond. good to see that you aren't. good-nacht.